Software Features

  • Universal navigation process for all oncology disease sites
  • User Dashboard alerting navigator to new patient assignments, incoming patient messages, task reminders, patient emergency department visit alerts and in-patient admissions
  • Navigation Workflows, including Distress Screenings, Barriers to Care, and Lung Screening
  • Online Messaging System (HIPAA Compliant) for navigator/patient communication and delivery of referral and educational information to the patient
  • Online Distress Assestment (HIPAA Compliant)
  • All forms of patient interaction (encounters) and care coordination is tracked and reported on at the program and user level
  • Template functionality expediting documentation and secure message creation
  • Referrals database allowing users to create a custom referral list for patients
  • Program Education Library housing proprietary program education for download or electronic delivery
  • EduCare COPE Library integration providing over 600 topics on breast health and breast cancer education branded with your program logo


  • Navigation Summary
  • Referrals
  • Survivorship Care Plan
  • Care Plan
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Survivorship Care Plans

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CONNECT’s report suite features over 50 reports that are filterable by 14 criteria selections, providing administrators with a comprehensive analysis of the navigation program. Reports can be generated on-demand or set-up for automated delivery, eliminating the need to manually generate reports.

Reports Include:

  • Program Activity: Active patients, patients enrolling, and patients completing the program
  • Navigation Activity: Number of active patients, encounters, care coordination activity, and actual time engaging with patients by navigator
  • Diagnostic and Treatment Data Analysis
  • Interdisciplinary Conference Activity
  • Physician Patient Referrals
  • Referrals Provided to Patients
  • Education Provided to Patients
  • Distress Assessment Analysis
  • Barriers to Care Analysis
  • Survivorship Care Plans Delivered
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Advanced Custom Reports

The Advanced Custom Report module allows clients to create custom reports for the following:

  • Navigation Processes
  • Diagnostic and Treatment Data
  • Navigator Patient Encounters
  • Treatment Time Measures
  • Navigation Time Measures